A Door Drop from One Stop

The final stage of One Stop’s integrated media campaign, developed by Liquorice, dropped at the beginning of October. The entire campaign has been highly localised, targeting an increase in footfall from households in a carefully targeted radius around One Stop stores. The door drop is no exception.

The final stage of the campaign sees 10,000 homes in the proximity of One Stop stores receive a free sample of Blue Dragon Stir Fry Sauce. In addition, recipients will receive a recipe and a money-off voucher to spend in store. We expect many households will pop to one stop to complete their meal.

Door drops are an extremely effective and versatile means of reaching an audience of both potential and existing consumers. The on-going enhancements in door drop targeting capabilities coupled with strong creative execution allows for a low cost / high response mechanic that can demonstrate very solid RoI.  Perfectly suited to delivering product samples as well as offers that can drive both on and offline sales, as part of your marketing mix, the door drop is worthy of consideration and testing.  And with less mail hitting our doormats, the standout for your brand will be significantly enhanced.  To discuss the role door drops can play for your brand please contact Darren Low.