Liquorice Launch E-Commerce Site for Provencal Rosé

It’s a case of think pink after Liquorice launched an E-commerce site for Provençal Rosé – a brand recently created by the Liquorice team. The site was designed to reflect the bright look and elegant taste of the Decanter Award winning wine. This digital presence will help our client, Pink Vines, to spread the message that Rosé isn’t just a wine, it’s a lifestyle.

We wanted the design to really tell the story of the wine and the Provence region from which it takes its name. At the same time, we wanted to add that little twist that shows the versatility of the wine, so if you’re looking for an exciting Rosé based cocktail – the site has you covered too!

Adam Payne, owner of Pink Vines, commented on the PR brand and website:

“Liquorice understood my vision for Pink Vines and the brand I wanted to create.  Through workshops and much consultation with the team we arrived at the name PR as the essence of Provençal Rosé. Our wine is the very epitome of the Cote d’Azur and this has been perfectly reflected in both the branding and the look and feel of the new website.”

Whether you are out for a taste of the Rosé lifestyle, or just wanted to check out some great design work, you can visit the new site here.