Liquorice Appointed to Rebrand Flagship Shopping Centre, Bangor

Our client, Northhold Group, have recently completed the purchase of a 30 unit shopping centre in Bangor, Co. Down. The Flagship Centre in the heart of the town was seen as a prime redevelopment opportunity. The current ‘Flagship’ brand is perceived as tired and no longer relevant to the modern shopping experience that the consumer demands and is being retired. With exciting visions for the re-development of the scheme, Northhold Group appointed Liquorice to develop a contemporary new brand for the shopping centre, befitting the planned works.

Working closely with the client team who have strong ideas on the name of the new centre, the creation of the new brand is already underway. Liquorice will be developing a completely new identity with name, branding and tone helping to inject a fresh energy into the centre as it goes through a period of significant change.

For further information please contact our retail centre expert, Vicki Smart