Lypsyl Unveils Mirror Compact Range

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We’ve worked closely with Lypsyl throughout 2017, building a new e-commerce site, launching the Soft Where It Matters campaign and this week unveiling the lip balm brand's new product range. To support the launch of the Lypsyl Mirror Compact range we produced an ad using a combination of motion graphics and live action. The ad was scripted and designed to be equally as effective with and without sound, maximising its impact across social and other digital platforms.

The ad was part of a wider campaign featuring Facebook advertising and a newly developed area on the Lypsyl website. In addition, Lypsyl’s existing customer base was included in a series of pre-launch emails building up to release day resulting in them becoming the first shoppers of the new product through the brand’s e-commerce channel.

Check out the new range here or watch the ad below:


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