A Good Time To Grow

One of our goals at Liquorice is to create a home for all the best strategic and creative thinkers that we can find. Recently our home got a little bit bigger, as we’ve made room for four new team members…

Jon Edge

We are thrilled to welcome Jon to our Health team as Account Director. Jon has being working with health and wellbeing brands since 2003, and has worked with many large and small companies including Accord, Danone, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Jon’s experience straddles a number of areas, in human and animal health, from nutrition and dermatology to specialist drugs and medical devices. A passion of Jon’s is improving Healthcare Professional and patient communications, aligning commercial goals with patient experience, compliance and education. In a world where increasingly the public are taking control of their healthcare, this experience will be invaluable to us as a Health focused agency. His wealth of experience and love of creative ideas and commercial solutions are going to fit right in.

Jack Lockhart

Originally from Canada, Jack has lived in the UK since 2005. With 20+ years of experience to the role of Relationship Manager, and as a “people-person extraordinaire” he brings a passion for communication that is enhanced by his background in commercial operations and business development. You should expect a call from him soon…

Luke Padfield

Luke joins us with 11 years of experience in design, video, photography and animation. In the life of a designer no two days are the same – which is what he enjoys about it.
Luke also plays guitar, but as yet we haven’t found a use for this particular skill.
Give us time.

Philip Harrison

An experienced client-facing Project Manager, Philip has been tasked with ensuring that our growing team are optimised to create amazing things for our growing client base! Philip comes from a background that includes creative, marketing, financial services, data, engineering and technology, and is certified in both Agile and Waterfall. Having worked with some of the world’s largest organisations (BSKYB, BT, Dyson and Sony), Philip is well equipped to streamline our ever-expanding set of services and skills.


Our new team members from left to right in the top photo: Jon Edge, Jack Lockhart, Luke Padfield and Philip Harrison.

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