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From an early age I was creating works of art. With a little help from my twin sister, there weren’t many walls in our house that didn’t showcase a doodle or two. However, this did result in our entire collection of pens and pencils being confiscated for an entire year, but this didn’t stop my creative aspirations.

Quite a few years later, I finished my Graphic Design degree and found myself in the publishing industry designing books of all shapes and sizes. I began designing History books and then moved into Education. Later becoming the Design and Brand Manager at Nelson Thornes / Oxford University Press.

During this time, I also started designing for digital applications. Working with Apple on a large iBook project and also created some educational apps for mobile. Leaving the publishing industry behind, I went to work in a design agency as a Digital Designer for clients such as BT, CGI, and Compass Group.

Now, alongside many traditional design platforms, I work on a variety of digital projects within Liquorice, including website designs, social media visuals and digital advertising.


From many years of designing for the digital arena, I have built up a professional knowledge about User Interface Design and the importance of the User Experience.

For your product or brand to be a success, key information should be easy to digest and accessible to the rest of the world. Here are a few things that I consider important to get right on a website to achieve this:

  • Keep your website simple, clean and structured. This will make information easy to digest and to navigate.
  • Make sure interactive elements such as arrows and buttons are consistent throughout the site. This makes the user experience more efficient.
  • Colour-coding can help the user experience, for example ‘sale prices’ should always be displayed in one distinct colour.
  • Break up text with icons and imagery to make information more accessible for the user.

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