Liquorice Unveil Lypsyl #SoftWhereItMatters Campaign

It’s been a crazy and exciting start to 2017 for us here at Liquorice. We kicked off the year by working on an exciting project with Lypsyl – producing the TV commercial for the #SoftWhereItMatters campaign, which stars loveable Ollie the farmer and his adorable counterpart, Dora the Dachshund.

But how did a hunky farmer and his canine companion become the heroes of the new Lypsyl campaign?

We were appointed in the summer of 2016 by Alliance Pharmaceuticals to relaunch the Lypsyl brand with a strong marketing campaign.

We knew we needed to deliver a bold, disruptive solution, which would get Lypsyl’s audience not only talking about the product, but buying it. So, we turned the beauty category norm on its head and decided to use male subjects in the advertising campaign – real men that anyone could encounter in their daily lives. Women like to have soft, kissable lips, but real men, with a softer side also have kissable lips thanks to Lypsyl.

This led to us casting Oliver Collingham, a 29-year-old farmer from Nottinghamshire and his equally gorgeous miniature Dachshund, Dora as the two stars of the #SoftWhereItMatters campaign. Ollie’s hard-working ethos, family values and rugged exterior made him the perfect candidate, and his loveable relationship with his dog captured the campaign message wholeheartedly.

Robin Hammond, Creative Director at Liquorice, spoke about the campaign conception,We wanted an idea that would set Lypsyl apart. For so many years It’s been a household name, but perhaps a little taken for granted. The new formulation, scents  and packs gave us the perfect opportunity to create a campaign to get women talking and engaging with the brand, by featuring real-life tough guys with a softer side, and of course soft, kissable lips. And if blokes are encouraged to try Lypsyl too, then so much the better!

Ollie was the perfect subject. He’s a genuinely lovely guy and incredibly hard working – out in all weathers working the farm with his dad Chris. He is also very photogenic which really helped, and his affection for Dora the Dachshund really came through in the films.

Karen Hampshire, Senior Brand Manager at Alliance Pharmaceuticals said, ‘We wanted a disruptive campaign to re-launch Lypsyl and stand out in a very busy market. We have worked with Liquorice for many years and set them quite a challenge. We were so pleased with the result and loved the #SoftWhereItMatters idea from the beginning. When we found Ollie, we knew he was an ideal fit, especially when we found out he had his own miniature Dachshund. I am excited to see the roll out of the TVC and digital campaign.

Watch the ad here:

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