The Medical - Pure Gym Launch

In 2017 Liquorice were appointed as a marketing partner to The Medical, a fast growing private healthcare provider offering services throughout the UK in a network of private practices.

As part of the growth strategy, The Medical have formed a strategic partnership with health club operator PureGym. The partnership will see The Medical establish clinics inside a significant number of PureGym sites, with the first in PureGym’s Walnut Street gym in Leicester. Liquorice have been appointed to manage the marketing of these launches and to build a robust plan to allow new sites to be rolled out quickly and efficiently.

The goal of this campaign is to communicate primarily with PureGym’s regular gym goers and raise awareness of the new services on offer to non-gym members in and around the local area, building consideration of treatment types and ultimately encouraging members and non-members alike to book treatments to support their training, fitness and lifestyle goals.

We created a hyper-local media solution to raise awareness and convert PureGym members using a combination of digital and print channels. This included leaflets, banners and digital screens in the gym and a series of locally targeted social and PPC ads.

The Launch took place on 2nd October 2017 in the Leicester PureGym, which was a great success. They offered an incentive of a free Chiropractic and Physiotherapy assessment worth £20, plus discounted treatments for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Sports Injury Therapy and Massage. The launch in Leicester proved so successful that The Medical plans to launch in two more PureGym facilities in Oxford and Bristol.

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