KELO-COTE Global Website

The Task:

KELO-COTE, owned by Alliance Pharma PLC, is an internationally recognised scar treatment available in over 60 countries. We have been working with Alliance for more than five years.

The project brief required a uniform digital presence for the brand, with the versatility to be translated into different languages. The project involved web design, development and content management, all of which were carefully project managed to ensure the site worked within the PAGB guidelines.

The website promotes the KELO-COTE product range to consumers and details where the products can be bought. In later phases, the website aims to be a comprehensive source of useful information to people living with scarring.

Our Solution:

We developed two website design concepts, using the new KELO-COTE global brand, which was presented to the client – we then developed the chosen route into over 20 key page templates.

Visually, the website aims to promote confidence to those who have an unwanted scar. The use of positive imagery was key in demonstrating that KELO-COTE can help people who may be feeling under confident or burdened by their scar.

The project will be rolled out in three phases. The first phase is already live in two countries (UK and Germany), and provides simple yet clear information about the KELO-COTE product range. Phases two and three will provide users with more advice-led resources to help them manage their scars, and a whole section dedicated to resources for health care professionals.

Results and Reactions:

Phase one of the KELO-COTE UK website was deployed in November 2017 and has now been adopted by two additional European countries. With the aid of a UK-wide digital campaign, traffic to the UK website has been consistent and there have been a strong number of conversions from the website.

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