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Games are a great way of engaging shoppers and non shoppers alike and this Easter we have delivered a cracker for Tesco-owned One Stop Convenience Stores.

It’s certainly been an eggciting week here at Liquorice as we approach the egg hunting season. Yesterday saw the launch of One Stop’s Easter game, Rule the Roost, and in just 24 hours we’ve seen 50,000 game plays.

Following the success of the Christmas 2018 Great Advent Giveaway, we were tasked with designing and developing a fun, Easter-themed game to drive traffic to One Stop’s website, also developed by our in-house team.

And so Rule the Roost was born. The game is set in a lovely Easter-style hen roost, where five chickens can be found sitting in a row of nests. The game design centred around simplicity and ease of play across any device, with a quick win mechanism to satisfy our shoppers.

It’s up to players to guess which one is about to lay an Easter Egg, then place an Easter basket under their chosen chicken to catch the egg as it falls. Will you be clucky and Rule the Roost?

Winners receive an email with a barcode which can be used in their local store to redeem REAL Easter eggs – either a packet of Cadbury’s Mini Eggs or a Medium Smarties Easter Egg. There’s even an iPad up for grabs. These great prizes supported by famous household brands show how One Stop is always focussed on serving its local shoppers a little better every day.

It’s been a great campaign to work on, and we’re already seeing a 400% increase in website page views. Our development team who the creative concept into a slick and engaging piece of game design in just 8 weeks.


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