Liquorice Help One Stop to Launch Own Label Range

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Shopper marketing, and the ability to influence shopper behaviour is vital. We know from research that a strong retail brand means the ability to leverage this through an Own Label range. So much so that a desirable own label product range is one of the standards of a successful retailer, so when One Stop engaged with us to help in launching their own, we understood the significance of the task. This was an exciting opportunity for us to design both in-store and out-of-store marketing materials that would help launch the range, focussing on both the quality and diversity and showcasing the efforts that the One Stop product team had put in.

The Liquorice Retail Marketing Agency who look after the marketing for One Stop lead the development of the comms strategy and shaped the creative process through consumer insight, in close collaboration with the client team.

To promote the range we created a 12-page door-drop which promoted the provenance, quality, value and diversity of One Stop’s Own Label products, targeting shoppers in proximity to its stores. The door drop built awareness of the new range, supported with information about various growers and suppliers in the range, provided meal inspiration and prompted activation by featuring the best deals in store.

Darren Low, CEO at Liquorice said:

“The campaign idea combines several of our key messages into a simple and memorable line. 'You’ll Love the Change’ signifies a big change for One Stop as they introduce their own product range.

"It also majors on quality, telling shoppers how much they’ll love changing from their usual brands to the One Stop range, and, of course, by playing with the word ‘change’ it tells people they’ll take home more change in their pocket. This is a positive message for the colleagues in store, giving them a good news story that they and their customers will love the new range and the opportunities it will offer them.”

The launch gathered broad interest in the trade press, with several websites and online magazines reporting about One Stop’s new range of food and our accompanying campaign ‘You’ll Love the Change’.

Shopper marketing is at the core of the Retail Marketing Agency team. Using the understanding of shooper segmentation, behaviours and the journey enable us to shape communications across the right media channels at the right time.

We recently helped One Stop to completely overhaul their in-store promotional materials, to read more, click here and have been working with them to improve their digital engagement through the use of games.


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