Targeted TV to New Parents at Home – Get more from your marketing spend

Less than a minute Insight

On May 6th we ran a webinar discussing how to use Addressable TV to target new parents at home.

TV advertising impact for brand growth is unrivalled, and all of the deep analytics supports this. But for many brands wanting to reach new parents, TV is seen as a costly medium with high wastage due to the niche audience. With addressable TV you can target only those who could buy your product or service, reducing waste to almost nothing. With over 2000 data variables we can help you reach only households with a pregnant mum-to-be, or just those with a pre-school child.

With a low cost of entry from just £3,000 and powerful examples of how addressable TV helps brands grow, the power of TV advertising can be accessed by brands small and large.

To learn more about how you can use the power of TV to grow your brand with parents, view the webinar here, or get in touch to talk about how we can put the power of targeted TV advertising into your growth plans.


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