The power of data driven TV advertising webinar

2 minutes Insight

On April 14th we ran a webinar on using Addressable TV to target your best-fit consumer at home.

TV Advertising is the least risky form of advertising you can buy and has the biggest impact on brand growth in the short and long term. This is evidenced with research, analysis and econometrics, not with hyperbole. With Addressable TV, advertisers have the advantage of being able to buy targeting at customer level rather than programming level. With over 2000 data variables to build targeting models from, reaching both consumer and business audiences, addressable TV helps brands grow.

Unlike traditional linear TV, the cost of entry is much lower, from just £3,000 which buys around 75,000 ad impressions, Addressable TV is a good fit for niche brands with nationwide audiences, for local and regional brands and for large brands supporting certain retailers, launching new lines or trialing new activity.

For B2B brands, being able to reach Company Directors at home can cut through and get the brand top of mind and action taken.

To learn more about Addressable TV view the webinar here, or get in touch to talk about how we can put the power of targeted TV advertising into your growth plans.


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