Misty in Southampton? - The new Ad Campaign for Macushield

Food supplement marketing can be a challenge sometimes but we love creating ads at Liquorice, so it’s very satisfying to see another one come to life.

Our Health Marketing Agency team have  been working with the team at Alliance Pharmaceuticals to help drive forward their food supplement Macushield for the past two years, and we are excited to announce that we have just launched the brand on TV for the first time.

The campaign is inspired by our own experience with Macushield, but not exactly how you would expect. Most of us in the agency still struggle to pronounce one of the product’s main ingredients ‘Meso-Zeaxanthin’, so any voiceover artist would struggle too. That’s how we came up with the idea for the campaign, a hapless yet enthusiastic voiceover artist and a despairing producer just trying to do their jobs. Measly Zebra Panther, Misty in Southampton? Just how do you pronounce ‘Meso-Zeaxanthin’?

Watch the ad below to find out.

Liquorice CEO Darren Low said:

“This campaign has come together brilliantly. There’s always an expectation with food supplement marketing that it needs to be sensible and boring. We wanted to make an impact a bit differently and we’re pleased to have created an ad that viewers will enjoy watching and get the key ingredient across in a really entertaining and memorable way.”

Tom Kenny from Pharmaceuticals said:

“An amazing amount of creativity and drive has been put into this ad to produce something that will resonate with the consumer group. Filming the ad was great fun and we’re delighted with the end result, I hope the viewers enjoy it as much as we do.”

The campaign will run on ITV, appearing between top shows such as This Morning, The Chase, Emmerdale and Lunchtime News. The ad will be supported by a Royal Mail door drop.

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