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Why addressable TV should be part of your 2020 activity

Targeting your best-fit customers at home. In this webinar we introduced the power of data driven addressable TV and how B2B and B2C brands can utilise this to deliver efficient, effective advertising using the most powerful media channel - TV - but without the historic price multi-million pound price tag. Download the recording to better understand:

  • How data driven TV advertising works
  • An overview of the 2000 data variables we can use to deliver activity to your best-fit customer
  • How you can get to market faster, in just 6 days
  • How pricing works and the cost of entry from just £3,000
  • How our 6-step process enables takes you from brief to air to measurement
  • How to align addressable TV with other effective media targeting consumers at home

Tuesday 14th April 2020 | 11.a.m

If you managed to attend the webinar on addressable TV, thank you again. Whether you made it or not you can view and download the full recording using the button below.

Join our CEO, Darren Low to find out how to shift your activity, and capture attention at home.

Our webinar will cover:

  • Accessibility of TV advertising, with media from £3k
  • How to target, using +2000 data variables and reaching 60% of the UK but delivering to only your target customer
  • Getting to market fast, from just 6 days
  • How to support TV with digital and offline activity

Darren Low


Darren has worked in the marketing industry for 23 years, and was an early adopter of addressable TV. His agency Liquorice helps clients with an end to end solution from media strategy and creative, through production to measurement,as well as guidance on supporting media to drive increased impact of TV spend.