MCN Bike Show

NOISE! ACTION! LEGENDS! BIKES! THRILLS! FIRE! The MCN Motorcycle Show was taking on a new lease of life and had added a live action arena featuring track legends doing things never before seen. With names such as GP’s Kevin Schwantz and TT’s John McGuinness, the show was destined to delight, and a sprinkling of Trials Bike Boss Dougie Lampkin was always going to add some excitement and show-off-manship! The creative needed to tell a new story, this was more than static bikes and gear on stands in a big hall. It was live, loud, real electrifying. It was the Greatest Bike Show on Earth. Live and in London. The campaign was developed to excite and entice the biker to the show, to hero our legends and to showcase the new format! The art direction of the fire laden montages allowed us to craft some stunning creative for online, offline and outdoor use and even wrapped 4 London Taxis for the lead up to the show, that were then used to ferry the legends to and from the show.

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