Provençal Rosé Packaging

The Task:

Pink Vines are a wine supplier set up in 2014. The product originates from St. Tropez, and distributes Provençal Rosé within the UK and New Zealand.

We were tasked with designing packaging for Pink Vine’s primary product Provençal Rosé. Aimed at men and women, 23 and upwards, the packaging took cues from the pastel pink colour associated with rosé from this region. Pink Vines wanted a modern reflection of Provence that encapsulates some of the well-known aspects of the area.

Our Solution:

Quality wine deserves a glamorous label, a clean and crisp brand appeals to any audience and ensures that the product is easily associated with luxury.

We designed something that is unique and stands out on a shelf of other wine brands. The decorative floral background inspired by the Fleur-de-Lis brings out the traditional French origin of the wine and the clean crisp design for the label presents the wine as a premium product suitable for any occasion and any customer.

Results and Reactions:

Since this initial branding project in 2015, we continue to work with Pink Vines, designing and building an eCommerce website for the UK, which was later launched in New Zealand, too. We continue to work alongside Pink Vines in producing marketing materials – from leaflets to bespoke labels to digital creative assets.

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