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Liquorice have a long heritage in retail, working with FMCG brands and retailers. Our Retail Marketing Agency team have worked agency and client side with brands including One Stop Stores, Pets at Home, Walkers Crisps, Grace Foods, Soho Coffee, Papa John's Pizza and Tropicana. Our work has covered the entire shopper journey from TV, Radio, Out of Home and digital advertising, to sampling and activation programmes targeting consumers at home through to instore PoS and signage.

We work closely with retailers and brands to understand the shopper, and ensure we are driving penetration through reach and frequency campaigns, then helping convert browsers to buyers in-store. With many years spent working with multiple retailers, we understand that the local community each store serves may vary throughout the estate. We have developed a hyperlocal marketing methodology to enable retailers to better engage at a local level across all media that can be used at a hyperlocal level including social. This is often delivered alongside the masterbrand activity and can be used as part of the core marketing plan, or tactically to support franchisees, poor performing stores, new stores, or to focus on one customer segment throughout the estate.

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Head of Marketing, One Stop Stores Ltd

Since 2015 we have worked with Tesco on their One Stop Stores business across both the franchise and retail. Our experience with franchise has resulted in developing an effective franchisee acquisition programme, content and website. With the retail business we have built high performing social programmes, redeveloped the instore PoS, launched a Private Label range and created seasonal campaigns and games. Our creative studio is well accustomed to the cadence that comes with in store promotions and PoS, delivering up to 13 resets per year for some retailers as well as big impact seasonal activity. For more information on how we can help your business thrive please get in touch.

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About Liquorice – Cheltenham Retail Marketing Agency

We’re a leading independent agency with a specialism in retail marketing, serving clients at a regional, national and international level, and offer a full suite of services to ensure consistency and efficiency for our clients. Founded in 2009, the Agency and its subsidiaries has offices in Cheltenham, Carlisle and London. Clients include One Stop Stores, Lypsyl, Ashton & Parsons and Papa John’s Pizza.

Liquorice works with ambitious clients who typically operate marketing budgets of between £0.25m and £10m as part of a team of non-competing partners, or as the sole agency providing support in all areas.

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